The Love That Will Not Die

In her book, “When Things Fall Apart,” Pema Chodron describes our innate ability to connect deeply with others through a basic openness, which Buddhists call shunyata. It manifests itself through basic tenderness, basic compassionate warmth. Compassion and bodhichitta, she says, are the qualities of a “love that will not die.”  She notes that “…whenever we let go of holding on to ourselves and look at the world around us, whenever we connect with sorrow, whenever we connect with joy, whenever we drop our resentment and complaint, in those moments, bohhichitta is here.” She goes on to describe how wise people know that the best thing they can do for themselves is to be there for others, which allows them to experience joy. Would you agree with this idea? If so, see my next blog on the bodhichitta and the practice of tonglen meditation.

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