I am a Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC (BCBSNC) provider. Therefore, if you have BCBSNC coverage, you will only be responsible for the copay at the time of services (as long as your deductible has been met).

If you do not have BCBSNC insurance, contact your insurance company to find out what they will cover for out-of-network services; oftentimes, they will cover 80% of your fees. Depending on your insurance coverage, it may cost you less to see me than to see an in-network provider (e.g., $50 copay for in-network services vs. 20% (~$30) of the fee for out-of-network services).

I can help you file the claims for your insurance, but it is your responsibility to follow-up with your insurance company if there is a delay with your reimbursement. You may get reimbursed faster if you submit the claims yourself. I can provide the forms you need for filing a claim.

Please know your benefits at the time that you begin psychotherapy so that you know what portion of the bill you will ultimately be paying.




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