Fees for my psychotherapy services are as follows:

  • 45-min session: $150
  • 60-min session: $165
  • 75-min session: $180
  • 90-min session: $195

Payment is expected at the time of services. I accept personal checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and Medicare, so if you use either of these insurance companies and have met your deductible, you will only be responsible for the co-pay or co-insurance at the time of services. (Check your plan for the amount.) If you have insurance coverage with a different provider, you will pay me at the time of service and will be reimbursed directed by your insurance carrier according to your coverage. I can help you file the claims for reimbursement; however, it is your responsibility to follow-up with your insurance provider if you do not receive your reimbursement in a timely manner. Check your plan for the amount they will you; it’s usually 80%. Depending on your plan, it may be more affordable for you to receive out-of-network services from me than from an in-network provider.

*Rates for court-related services and assessments differ.

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