Dr. Rhonda Karg is a clinical psychologist who specializes in brief, solution-focused treatment of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal difficulties among adults and adolescents. Dr. Karg’s key areas of expertise include the assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and substance abuse. She is also adept at helping others master skills for mindfulness (being in the moment), coping with stress and changes, interpersonal effectiveness and finding more meaning and joy in life. Dr. Karg is solution-focused, and creates an environment conducive to making and maintaining positive changes more quickly than might otherwise be expected in therapy. Toward that end, her style is active and directive, with significant time and energy devoted to learning new skills that can be practiced outside of therapy. Reasoning things out with someone else is a key benefit of psychotherapy, so Dr. Karg reserves time for reflection and gaining perspective, too. Her modalities of treatment include individual psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, and teletherapy.


As a scientist-practitioner, Dr. Karg is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment and consultation services. She provides a warm, supportive, compassionate, and nurturing environment in therapy while encouraging personal responsibility in patients. Dr. Karg deeply respects the courage it takes to change, and is genuinely concerned about the patients she serves. Great care is taken for developing and maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship, which is the number one predictor of positive treatment outcomes. Dr. Karg thoroughly enjoys this work, and is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the miracles that occur each day in the lives her patients.



Dr. Karg holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology (with minors in substance abuse and behavioral pharmacology) and is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Health Care Provider. Her professional experience spans two decades and encompasses a wide range of activities in clinical, academic, and research settings. In addition to her international private practice work, Dr. Karg continues to be an active international research scientist, and has authored numerous journal articles, scholarly papers, and book chapters on the assessment and treatment of mental disorders. Results of her work have also been published in newspapers and magazines, and have been presented to professional audiences in technical reports, briefings, and conference presentations. Dr. Karg is the recipient of numerous awards honoring her outstanding contributions to psychology and for her service work in professional and public communities.


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